TweetSave API

The API is very simple to use and returns a JSON response.


GET or POST mode (save) and tweet to api.php, like so:

GET URL or status ID)

A successful save returns a status of OK as well as a redirect URL to the tweet's new TweetSave location.

{ "status":"OK", "message":"Tweet saved", "redirect":"https:\/\/\/SomeScreenName\/status\/10010001101001" }

Errors return an errors array of explanation messages (rarely more than one).

{ "errors":["Twitter API error (No status found with that ID.)"] }

Rate limiting

For performance reasons there is no exact number. After 4000 API requests in an hour you are statistically likely to trigger a temporary ban before you hit ~4038 requests. This ban can last last up to 6 hours.

Please be nice

Contact me on twitter if you have any questions or requests.